Mediterranean Diet Healthier AND More Economical than USDA MyPlate Recommendations

Amidst all of the health benefit news for extra virgin olive oil is an underlying assumption: consuming fresh vegetables and high-quality EVOO is more expensive than other diets. 

Well, a study published last fall is proving that assumption is inaccurate. The study compared the costs associated with the USDA's recommended nutritional guidelines called "MyPlate" (MP) with a plant-based diet enhanced with EVOO (PBOO). The study was conducted at Miriam University along with the Rhode Island Community Food Bank by leading diet researcher Mary Flynn. 

Ultimately, the study concluded that, "an economical version of MP costs $746.46 more per year while providing fewer servings of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains."

Based on our discussions with Ms. Flynn, these formal studies provided additional evidence that switching a variety of patients to a PBOO diet would not only yield significant health benefits, but would provide economical benefits, too, despite perceptions to the contrary.

Pericles Konstas
Pericles Konstas


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