About the Bottle

To maximize the freshness and shelf-life of the olive oil, we have searched the world over for the optimum bottle. Spartan Oil bottles are all-natural stoneware bottles that share the key characteristics of the storage containers that ancient Spartans used to store their oil. 

Ancient Stoneware Container

Aside from their pleasing rustic appearance, stoneware bottles have several specific benefits.

Temperature Stability Olive oil stays fresh when stored at a consistent temperature. Unlike glass and metal containers that allow temperature to change rapidly, stoneware minimizes the effects of external temperature changes.
No light transmission The nutrients in olive oil degrade when exposed to light. Stoneware bottles allow no light to pass through, fully shielding the oil and preventing the degradation of the oil.
Durability Made from natural clay, stoneware bottles are naturally durable. Many stoneware bottles in museums are over 4,000 years old.
Non-reactive Stoneware bottles are non-reactive and do not degrade the quality of the oil.       

The finest oil requires the finest in packaging materials.