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Spartan Oil: Bold Oil for Fearless Cooks          

Spartan Oil offers award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil for cooks unwilling to compromise the quality of their ingredients.The oil is:

  • Produced from ancient trees.
  • Harvested by hand.
  • Pressed by mechanical means within hours of harvest, i.e. "cold-pressed".
  • Unfiltered to preserve maximum flavor and nutrients.

The result are authentic olive oils with a variety of flavor profiles ranging from smooth and buttery to green and fruity.

Produced from our family's olive trees in Sparta, Greece. We grow, produce, pack, ship, and sell the oil directly to maintain control of the process and ensure the quality and integrity of the oil.

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Harvest Video

December 12, 2019

Okay, so we're not professional cinematographers, but we're proud of our work! Check out our video to see how we make our olive oil. You'll also get to see some of the important members of the team, not to mention some pretty cool scenery.  By the way, that's Sparta in the background when we're speaking. 

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Early Harvesting Matters

December 01, 2019

Does harvest time matter? 

7 reasons why it makes a big difference for producers and for consumers.

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