About Us

Our Vision

Our company was founded with a vision comprised of two simple goals:

  1. To offer the highest-quality olive oil to consumers that demand the best.
  2. To help the families of the farmers that have toiled in anonymity for years, working in the scorching sun during the summer and brutal winds and rains in winter. Despite their labors and the quality of the oil they produce, they live humbly, often in homes passed down from generation to generation.

About the Founders

Spartan Oil was founded by Ancient Spartans and we are proud to continue on the legacy and traditions passed to us. The founder of the Spartan Oil brand, Pericles Konstas, is a first-generation American that has always had a passion for food and olive oil. After years of rising through the ranks in corporate America, Pericles left his CEO job and decided to pursue his dream of sharing the oil that his family had always had on the table with a wider audience.