New To Spartan Oil?


Hi! We're glad you're here. If you've made it this far, give us just a few more seconds to introduce Spartan Oil and how to choose an oil for you.

We started Spartan Oil in 2014 with the goal of bringing high-quality authentic extra virgin olive oil to cooks unwilling to compromise the quality of their ingredients. We manage everything ourselves, to ensure you get the best possible product. Fast forward several years and we've succeeded in realizing our goal in the form of tens of thousands of customers and numerous awards. 

How to get started?

We're big fans of sustainability and reuse is one of the cornerstones of our model. Our bottle is the best container for storing olive oil. It's also reusable, which is why we have recyclable refill packs. 

If you've already got a bottle, you probably know what to do--you want a refill pack. If that's the case, choose from our Original blend or Founder's Reserve blend and proceed with your order. For a refresher on the differences between the two blends, see below. Also consider our subscription plans.

If you haven't ordered before or don't have a bottle, the first order of business is deciding which oil is best for you. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, though, the quality of both of our blends is exceptional and you can't really go wrong. In fact, many customers have both in their kitchen. They are both great dipping oils.

Original blend vs. Founder's Reserve blend

Our Original blend is balanced, with mostly buttery, nutty, and savory notes. There's a moderate amount of pepperiness, too. It's fantastic with pretty much everything, but our favorites are tomato salads and tomato sauces, heartier meats, and green vegetables. Great every day oil.

The Founder's Reserve blend skews slightly towards green fruitiness. It has notes that evoke fresh green fruits and vegetables--avocado, artichoke, green banana. If you enjoy root vegetables, pestos, more delicate meats, then this is the oil for you. Perfect finishing oil.