About the Founders

Spartan Oil was founded by Ancient Spartans and we are proud to continue on the legacy and traditions passed to us. The founder of the Spartan Oil brand, Pericles Konstas, is a first-generation American who has always had a passion for food and olive oil. After years of rising through the ranks in corporate America, Pericles left his CEO job and decided to pursue his dream of sharing the oil that his family has always had on their table with a wider audience.

A note from the founder:

"Our family has been farming the lands around Sparta since at least 1741. We can trace our roots to a period when Greece was occupied by the Turks. During this time, Greeks fought to keep their heritage, language, and religion by maintaining underground schools. They worked in the fields, planting and harvesting the same olive trees that we now harvest. 

The farmers in and around my family's village of Paleopanagia have produced the finest quality extra virgin olive oil for centuries. It was during a recent trip (and after spending several years trying the best olive oil from around the world) that I realized just how good the olive oil truly was. Encouraged by friends and family, it was clear that bringing this wonderful product to a wider market was my calling.

I hope that you enjoy having a little Spartan heritage in your kitchen!"