About Sparta

Situated in the heart of Greece’s olive oil growing region, Sparta is the capital of Lakonia. With a rich history going back 3,000 years, modern-day Spartans consider olive oil among their most important contributions.Inscription on the base of the statue of Leonidas in Sparta

Lakonia is one of 5 regional units in the state of Peloponnese. Over 65% of Greece’s olive oil production comes from the Peloponnese. Greece, as a whole, is the third-largest producer of olive oil in the world, behind Spain and Italy. Greeks are very serious about the quality of their olive oil, and despite having one-quarter of the production of Spain and half the production of Italy, Greece is the largest producer of the highest-grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil produced in the Lakonia region—and in particular, near Sparta—is widely-regarded as among the best in the world. The oil is low in acidity, but very high in nutrients and healthy components, including polyphenols and high-density lipoproteins—good fats.

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Sparta is also home to The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil. On display are fossilized olive leaves that date from 50,000 years ago.