About Sparta

Situated in the heart of Greece’s olive oil growing region, Sparta is the capital of Lakonia. With a rich history going back nearly 3,000 years, modern-day Spartans consider olive oil among their most important contributions.Inscription on the base of the statue of Leonidas in Sparta

Lakonia is one of 5 regional units in the state of Peloponnese. Over 65% of Greece’s olive oil production comes from the Peloponnese. Greece, as a whole, is the third-largest producer of olive oil in the world, behind Spain and Italy. Greeks are very serious about the quality of their olive oil, and despite having one-quarter of the production of Spain and half the production of Italy, Greece is the largest producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil produced in the Lakonia region—and in particular, near Sparta—is widely-regarded as among the best in the world. The oil is low in acidity, but very high in nutrients and healthy components, including polyphenols and high-density lipoproteins—good fats.

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Sparta is also home to The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil. On display are fossilized olive leaves that date from 50,000 years ago.