Spartan Oil Subscription Plans

Sign up for a monthly subscription of Spartan Oil and save. Your first delivery will include be a 500ml bottle of Spartan Oil (Original or Founder's Reserve options available) in our premium bottle stoneware package. In subsequent installments, you'll receive a refill pack to fill your bottle back up. The best part--shipping is always free!

Depending on the plan selected, a "special surprise" item will be sent periodically. The item could be anything from our Spartan Bliss olive oil chocolate truffles to a premium olive oil like Batch π.

You now have an option to send a Spartan Oil Subscription via a gift code! Click here to get started! 

If you don't need a bottle for your first delivery and would like a refill instead, use code "NOBOTTLE" for $1 off your initial order.

Please click here to manage your Spartan Oil Subscription Plan.