Original and Founder's Reserve Fully Back in Stock!

We're excited to announce that our Original blend is now fully back in stock. Along with our Founder's Reserve, we've got a full compliment of oils ready to deliver. 

The new Original blend is an amazing oil. It's got a nice balance of fruity, nutty, herbal, and savory undertones that makes it perfect for just about anything! 


A couple other notes: 

- Farmer's Market season is back! Our first market was last weekend and several more start in the coming weeks. Be sure to check out the Find Us page for more details.

- We are hiring! If you (or someone you know) is interested in a fun way to get out and interact with fellow foodies, please take a look at our Join Us page.

- We're still collecting interest regarding our Fall Culinary Tour of Sparta. Please check out the details on our sister page: www.oliveoilandfriends.com/spartan-tour

Pericles Konstas
Pericles Konstas


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