How to Refill your Stoneware Bottle

By now, you've come to understand our little contribution to being environmentally conscious with our refillable bottles and refill packs.  One item that we've received a few questions on is exactly how to refill a bottle that has a pour top.

The refill pack nozzle is exactly the correct size to fit into the bottle top without the pourer. So, there are two ways to refill: with the pourer in the bottle or without it. 

If you have a small size funnel, we recommend using it to fill the bottle. They are pretty inexpensive at a homeware or kitchen store and we now offer an option to purchase one for $4 when purchasing a refill pouch.  The bottle can also be easily filled by removing the pourer.  The top will come out with a little elbow grease. Use a dull butter knife or a spoon to wedge in between the pourer and the bottle. Just pry the pour top until you get a little gap. Then you can use a dry towel and twist the pour top out. A paper towel works well.

Spartan Oil Premium Refill Funnel Image
If you are planning on washing the inside of the bottle before refilling, be sure it is completely dry before adding any oil--even a little water can degrade the quality of the olive oil. See our post on Caring for a Stoneware Bottle for more information.

That's it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we'll respond right away. 

Pericles Konstas
Pericles Konstas


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