Spartan Oil Founder's Reserve Batch π - With Oil from Wild Olives

Inventory Note: SOLD OUT for 2016 and 2017!

Wild olives. These trees are left to fend for their own in the wild. They grow amongst brush and rubble with no care. But, from these trees grows a fruit that produces a remarkable oil--fruity, sweet, and exceptionally low in acidity. Only recently are researchers rediscovering the wild olive as we understand more about polyphenols in olive oil.

Each bottle contains 30% wild olive oil, with the remaining 70% from our Founder's Reserve blend. Like the ancient Spartan warriors, only 300 of these bottles will be produced for the 2015-2016 season. Each bottle is hand-numbered and adorned with the "Batch π" seal. Packaged in a 200ml stoneware bottle.

This oil is remarkable as an accompaniment to the simplest foods--raw salad greens and lightly steamed or grilled vegetables. 

The yield of an average domesticated olive is about 1:5 (1 liter of oil for 5 kgs of olives), but the wild olive yields a far lower ratio of 1:20. Pricing reflects this factor along with the difficulty of harvesting olives in wild conditions. 

The bottle matters. Read about our stoneware bottles.

Purchasing this as a gift? The gift option includes a hand-dipped wax seal on the bottle and a rustic burlap sack. 

    Please include any special notes that you'd like included with your gift delivery in the Special Instructions field on the Checkout page. We will always include a note indicating who sent the gift, but if you'd like something more, please let us know.

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