Spartan Oil is now available on!

We are proud to announce that Spartan Oil is now available through! Stoneware bottles are available for immediate purchase and the refill pouches will be available shortly! Find it at:

This isn't like selling your old used textbooks--Amazon has some pretty stringent requirements in order to sell food products. Here's what we had to prove in order to be accepted:

1) Legible images of your brand label on the products you are intending to sell.

2) Your company's website, with information about your brand.

3) Product testing documentation for the products you manufacture and intend to sell (e.g., a report from an independent laboratory stating the ingredients in the product, or stating the safety of the product), or your registration with the US Food and Drug Administration.

4) Your business certification showing that you registered your business (e.g., your business registration or sales/use tax license).

If you have a moment, it would really help to get a few reviews on our Amazon listing. There are many of you that have tried and purchased Spartan Oil and even 10-15 reviews would be very helpful.

Spartan Oil on

Pericles Konstas
Pericles Konstas



Spartan Oil
Spartan Oil

February 23, 2015

@SciaticNerd – We had to provide all of the documentation. They will not approve a food product unless all criteria are met to their satisfaction. Thanks for asking!


February 22, 2015

So which documentation did you wind up providing?


January 13, 2015

I bought a stone bottle of Sparta from the Maple Avenue Market in Vienna and it is delicious! Wonderful dipping oil with bread! On a scale of 1-10 Sparta is a 10+++!

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