July, 2015 - Announcements and Updates

July, 2015 - Announcements

Summer inspirations and happenings

  • Restaurants and Food-service
    A funny thing happened over the past two months. Chefs started asking how they could use Spartan Oil in their kitchens. Restaurants weren't part of the original plan, but we adapted and now have food-service packaging available. And what a great way for Spartan Oil fans to discover a new favorite restaurant!  
  • Exclusive dark chocolate olive oil truffle!
    We're introducing a super-exclusive olive oil dark chocolate truffle at the Vienna Farmer's Market this weekend. We've teamed with a local chocolate genius and the combination is amazing. The quantities are limited, so come early!
  • Did you know?
    Sparta is in the heart of Greece's olive-growing region, which accounts for about 65% of the countries olive production. Check out our website for details about why Sparta is so important to the olive oil industry.
  • More Recipes! 
    We've added a couple more recipes, including one for a sure-to-please Greek salad and our take on ladolemono (oil-lemon) sauce, which is a staple in Greek grilling. Check them out on our Spartan Oil Blog.
  • Anniversary Promotion Teaser
    The first year anniversary of Spartan Oil is about one month away! Stay tuned for a promotion that we'll be launching in September to commemorate. Hint: Year two of Spartan Oil is going to be very bountiful for one lucky winner!

Pericles Konstas
Founder, Spartan Oil

Pericles Konstas
Pericles Konstas