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Spartan Fried Eggs

Recently, while on a trip for a family wedding (absolutely beautiful and amazing and any other superlative available), we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I've been trying to pay a little more attention to what I eat which, of course, is the exact opposite of what you should do at a place like Cracker Barrel. Thankfully, Cracker Barrel has some pretty decent breakfast options (turkey sausage and bacon, fresh fruit, yogurt, etc.).

So, I asked the lovely server for a fried egg, turkey sausage, and a side of fresh fruit. 

"How do you want that egg--easy, over?"

"Well, let's go with over."

"Sure, honey."

When the breakfast arrived, the eggs looked remarkably clean, as if they'd been fried in a pan with no oil or seasonings. They were... okay... No match for a Spartan-style fried egg.

Spartan Breakfast

We got home and the first breakfast we made were fried eggs in Spartan Oil. So delicious with crispy edges on the whites and a light coating of olive oil all over. Delectable.

Here's how to fry an egg Spartan-style.

What you'll need

  • Frying pan (preferably non-stick)
  • Flipper/Spatula
  • Spoon
  • Small bowl
  • Egg
  • Spartan Oil! 
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to do it

  • Place about 2-3 heaping tablespoons of olive oil in the pan. It should be enough to form a little splashing pool for your egg. You know, enough to stomp around in, but not enough to get soaked and drown.
  • Heat the pan to a medium temperature, making sure that the oil doesn't start to smoke.  
  • Before you add the egg, be aware that the oil will splatter. This is what makes the lovely bubbly texture on the egg white, but it can burn you. Use a splatter screen or something to protect your arms. Also, move your mail to a counter that isn't adjacent to the frying pan. Trust me on this.
  • Crack a single egg into a small bowl. Do this to ensure that you get a whole egg with the yolk intact. If you happen to break the yolk, use the egg for another recipe. 
  • Pour the egg from the bowl into the pan SLOWLY. Avoid splashing the oil.
  • After the egg starts to set up (about 30 seconds), give the pan a little shake to see if the egg separates from the pan. If it's still sticking, gently give it a nudge with your spatula. Once it separates from the pan, it should glide around the pan like an figure skater--gracefully and with ease. 
  • This next step is WHAT MAKES IT GOOD. Take the spoon and scoop up a little of the hot oil from the pan. Gently pour a little of the hot oil over the top of the egg. This will help firm up the top of the egg, so that when you flip it over later, you won't break the yolk. Repeat this a couple of times until the yolk starts to form a little white layer. NOW YOU'RE COOKING WITH LOVE!
  • Okay, here's the tricky part. Take out your spatula and prepare for precision flipping. Gently slide the spatula under the now mostly-white egg until you've got about half the egg on the flipper. Now is not the time to impress your family with your aerial flipping skills. Pick up the egg until the bottom edge is just out of the oil. Quickly, but smoothly, roll the egg from the flipper into the pan. This may take some practice, but eating the mistakes is the best part. 
  • Give the egg about 30 to 60 seconds to cook and then do the pan shaking/spatula nudging step again. 
  • Take the egg out of the pan with the spatula (don't slide it from the pan to a plate). Let some of the oil drip off into the pan, but leave a decent amount on the egg. It's olive oil, after all, and it's good for you. And it's delicious with a piece of crusty white bread.
  • That's it. You've done it. Marvel at your work and allow your primal instincts to rejoice in your egg-frying abilities. You were fearless and you were bold--the Ancient Spartans would be proud. Take a photo. Share it. Let others envy your breakfast. Don't forget to eat it.